Angus Training Group

Training that meets the demands of 21st century engineering.

Delivering reliable Training


Operating successfully in today’s global marketplace requires that companies invest in a well trained and highly skilled workforce. Nowhere is this more important than in engineering. The quantity and quality of skilled engineers in the manufacturing and service sectors is critical to the future of both existing industries and inward investing companies.
Here in Tayside, Angus Training Group’s blend of long experience of local industry and fully qualified staff offers that high quality practical based approach to training which meets employers demands for a skilled and flexible work force.


Apprenticeships can make your organisation more effective, productive and competitive by addressing your skills gaps directly, even in uncertain economic times.

Why Apprenticeships ?

Apprenticeships are good for business.  Skills shortages are still one of the biggest threats to UK business.  With the ever-increasing competition from rival employment sectors, the need for highly trained staff with the required skill levels and technical know-how has never been greater. Well trained staff can do a wider range of tasks and take on new and greater responsibilities  this can help to increase productivity, reduce skill shortages and workplace accidents and minimise staff turnover.
Your business can benefit from:
Cost effective, flexible staff development tailored to your business needs
Delivery, assessment and administration all provided by the experienced ATG Training team