We are pleased to say that our recruitment process for this year is now finalised.  As advised at your test and/or interview, our member companies will be invited to look at all the successful applications and get full information on any applicants they are interested in.  This will be done via an online portal this year due to the Centre still being closed as per Government COVID-19 guidelines.

Please remember to check your e-mails regularly and answer any telephone calls you receive as this may be companies trying to get in touch with you regarding an apprenticeship.  If you are invited for an interview, confirm the details with the company and follow any instructions from them.

If you are no longer interested in an apprenticeship, got another job, decided to stay on school/college or such like, please let us know so we can update our records and avoid wasting the time of companies, ourselves and yourself.  You can do this by e-mailing

Good luck J