We have been receiving some CVs, supporting letters etc via our website which don’t have completed application forms attached to them. Please remember to save your completed application form to your own files before submitting the saved completed application to us.
Where we have only received a CV we will have e-mailed you to advise we don’t have an application form and attached an application form to that e-mail. Please check your e-mails, including spam/junk folders and respond as soon as possible.
We have also received a number of applications via our post on apprenticeships.scot. We have e-mailed our application form to everyone who applied this way and if you haven’t already done so, please complete our application form and submit it as soon as possible to enquiries@atgltd.co.uk
For those who have sent in completed application forms and not completed the online aptitude test, please complete all 4 tests as soon as possible.
Likewise, for those applicants who have completed and passed the test, please check your e-mails regarding booking your interview slot with us.
If you have applied but decided for whatever reason not to progress your application further (staying on at school, going to college, got another job etc), please let us know so we can update our database and avoid uploading your application to the portal employers will be looking at once our recruitment closes on FRIDAY 28 APRIL. This helps to stop wasting the time of employers, ourselves and you.